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Automation Test
The iterative method is widely used in software development. We used to repeat the “new feature development -> testing -> new version release” processes in product life cycles. However, the manual
approach ties up your
engineering staff,
which is time
consuming and
error prone…

Mobile Internet Test
As mobile Internet applications gain huge popularity, the applications security, compatibility and diversity have become a great concern to many program developers
and service

Cloud Testing
Cloud computing is the result of traditional computing evolvement, as well as of networking technologies, and the infiltration to each other. It aggregates cost-effective computing entities into a perfect system with powerful parallel computing capabilities, which
offloads user
clients from the
processing backlog, and facilitates customers to a pay-as-you-go, on-demand computing.

Industrial Solutions
With Sigma's proprietary automation test framework and testing facilities, we simulate customers' enviornment at labs, testing the integrity of digital communication, the safety of firewall/Ethernet products,
and we deliver solutions that
optimize customers' service processes.