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As China’s largest and most professional software test company, Sigma has witnessed, since its 05’ incorporation in Chengdu, the fast growth of mobile internet. The industry is getting concerned about quality and security of client software and applications as people are getting keen on smart phones and other mobile handsets.

Sigma has established a cellphone pool of nearly 200 GMS, CDMA, 3G cellphones, covering all popular modules on the street, saving considerable purchase expenditure on the machines. The pool provides a comprehensive support to function test, boundary test, performance test, negative test and random test. So far we have put over 600 models under test.

Sigma’s professional test result analysis helps you improve the software development and debug process for reliable quality. Our test teams with proven experiences are always ready to help your accelerate time to market and reduce your human cost.

Application Test

Mobile Application Test Process

You can purchase, or choose to rent SMC,the cellphone test platform with full Sigma IP, for a certain hours. With Sigma’s infrastructure and testing resources, you can control the cellphone under test for real application test.