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- User Experience Test

The eventual purpose of quality improvement is the smooth user experience leading to sustainable service. Research into the habits, experience and psychological appeals of Chinese cellphone application consumers, is one of Sigma’s major abilities besides testing skills.

One application may perform differently on two or more OSes. Sigma's profound comprehension of market-leading OSes and cellphone models enables us to understand the application performance deeply and independently. Sigma's cellphone testing team not just focuses on the performance/functionality of the application itself, but estimates its usability in user’s shoes, as well as the service optimization suggestion based on comparison with similar applications, in order to help customer take the lead of the application market.

For a mobile music player, Sigma’s user experience testing team assessed the application performance in terms of the following indices: start-up speed, interface style, skin availability, tracks list, short-cut key designing, local music play, lyrics display, music classification, music search, play control, full-track download, MV download, storage directory, buffer speed, file size, sleep mode, screen brightness, traffic statistics, help information, error message, friend recommendation, minimized display, webpage browsing, charge rate, downstream speed, sales push information, usability, music updating frequency, automated album cover, forum comments, compatibility with other players, etc. Furthermore, we have installed and experienced 14 other competitive applications and sent customer a detailed experience report and market suggestion.

If you concern about the application’s consistence and stability over tier 1, 2 and some of tier 3 cities, Sigma can provide further value-added services such as onsite/offsite dialing. The testing can geographically cover 31 Chinese provinces and municipal cities under the central government.

User Experience Test