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Company Overview

Company Overview

Silicon Valley Test in China

Sigma-RT (Sigma Resource & Technologies, Inc.), funded by a group of reputable U.S. investors, was incorporated in April, 2005. It has three Chinese R&D centers in Chengdu, Beijing and Hangzhou, in addition to 16 professional test labs.

The board members of Sigma are founders of reputable U.S. IT enterprises. Sigma’s executive management team have worked for global networking giants (e.g. Juniper, Cisco, IBM, SUN, Extreme) as senior managers and technologists before Sigma.

Sigma's mission is to deliver superior outsourcing services and professional solutions to world market. To achieve this mission, we designed cost-effective package that covers high-end test, employee outsourcing, test script development, test product/tool development/selling, test consulting and test training/certification for colleges and enterprises.