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- Multi-browsers

As a website operator, you would wish your website be accessible to Internet surfers and probably wouldn’t require browsers visit your webpages with a certain browser (you could suggest one, but not require). Despite the diversity of users’ browsers, you’d still like to foresee the page patterns on users’ monitors to the largest extent, with satisfying display effect. However, many web writers, especially JavaScript developers, only consider page effect in Internet Explorers and take no account of script errors in non-IE browsers. Sometimes they simply shut the non-IE surfers out with script!

For growing number of smart phone users, there are minimum 20 combinations of browsers (built-in browsers + user installed browsers). Mobile website operators usually have to tackle hundreds of cellphone models, and the brand-pirated cellphones make the combination even more complicated.

We drive to make your website friendly and open to more browser types with controllable, predicable display effect and less scripting workload. The webpages will be presenting satisfying effects that attract more visitors.

We have complete testing environment:

Our browser library contains 60-70 different browser types and/or editions, and this library is keep growing…

We have deployed browser-oriented environment at our professional test labs. The environment contains Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris to provide efficient real-time verification to your product.

The industry’s first commercial automation test framework SigmationTF,can be used to run browser test scripts and print screen snaps:


Details of screen capture for the browser test script running on SigmationTF: