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Network Devices

As the Internet world dramatically evolves it demands more types of network devices, which provide huge opportunities for small and medium sized device vendors. However, many of them are suffering from the testing resources shortage and product performance instability. Enterprises usually compete for market shares by adding new features to old versions, frequent build releases and quick market launches, bringing unprecedented challenges to QA managers. To avoid regression bugs, they need to conduct tedious regression tests prior to new product/build release, while the manual approach is time consuming, error prone. The repeated, uninteresting testing acts totally exhaust your engineering staff.

Quick reaction to market demand as well as fast releases help companies survive. How do we beat competitors to make new launches and take the market share? Why automation? Main advantages of automation testing are:

  • More effective regression tests
  • Able to run complicated tests for higher accuracy and least human errors
  • Execute tests which are barely impossible (or simply unrealistic) by manual approaches
  • Free your limited engineering resource to product development
  • The tests are standard and repeatable.
  • More software robustness

Back in Y‘05, Sigma’s core team entered the China market, brining over 40 years of network device automation test experiences from Silicon Valley. Now Sigma already owns China’s largest professional automation test teams that are dedicated to network device and protocol automation tests, providing full-range testing services as well as customized solutions like automation consulting, product solutions and automation framework solutions.

Sigma is providing automation testing services to a number of network device vendors over the world. The multimillions of coding experience in Tcl, Perl, Python and Ruby proves Sigma as a qualified automation testing service provider.

Since our Chinese presence 5 years ago, we have provided network automation testing services to most mainstream device vendors global wise, covering such devices as core routers, core switches, firewall, network security monitor, data center switch, operator-level DNS/DHCP servers, application security gateways, net surfing monitor, voice gateway, wireless access hot point, etc. The involved protocols include OSPF, BGP, MPLS, VPLS, QoS, NAT, ACL, DNS, DHCP, PIM, IS-IS, MSTP, RSTP, IGMP, ARP, MPLS-TE, HTTP, TCP, PoP3, SMTP, SNMP, SIP, TLS, IPv6, ICMP, FTP, DNS, DHCP in functional test, system test, integration test and security test.

Typical topology network equipment testing
Solutions We Provide

Having experienced the testing force growth of great network companies, Sigma team now bring customers proven experience from Silicon Valley, and are ready to provide full-range services in network device automation test.

API Design & Execution for Test Case Automation

To improve the productivity and quality of your later phase automation scripting, you have the options of ready-made APIs and customized ones.

Sigma Network Device Automation Solutions
  • SigmationTF (1st commercial box in industry, generation 3 automation test framework) with powerful network device automation testing capability
  • Automatic topology discovery
  • Dynamic topology partitioning
  • Test statistic generators
  • We developed sub-systems for network device automation tests, such as WIFI, SSL, SNMP, in succession to the base test framework.
  • A diversity of network test libraries
  • Switches, routers, firewall…
  • An inclusive automation testing services from process consulting, theory/script training, test case design, script development to test case execution.
The industry’s leading regressional test management process

We bring with a complete set of regressional test management methodology from Silicon Valley. The process and QA system covers automation script development, batch script execution, quick log analysis, script maintenance, regressional device management, etc., which is a well-accepted industry leading process in regressional test. This process is taken as criteria or reference as well for training and process assessment by several large domestic network device manufacturers.

Automation test platform development

We customize automation test framework per customers’ development requirement that best suits their regressional tests. Framework solutions cover the entire automation testing process starting from script development, execution, result getting, log storage, report generation to quick location. We can help you automate process from scratches:

  • Build management process for automation regressional test
  • Professional testcase automation script development, verification and delivery
  • Testcase automation API designing and execution
  • Network Test Automation Platform Development
  • Or the mature automation test framework - SigmationTF