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Cloud Testing

- Benefits & Advantages

Cloud testing solves problems of traditional tests:

1、Testing fee in elastic testing

Elastic testing is incident, short-term and inperiodically. Sometimes testing is in great demand while the other hours are not. An enterprise has to pay for full-time testers and testing equipment in peak hours and valley hours as well. Just like we don’t build a power plant because we must use electricity, the elastic testing capability renting service by cloud testing centers can solve the problem.

2、Simulation of Complicated Traffic and User Actions

The testing industry hasn’t had a very effective solution to simulate complicated traffic and large-scale users (tens to hundreds of thousands users per second). Now cloud testing center tackles this problem with virtual hosts that simulate the traffic and users well enough.

3、The testing coverage is proliferating, while the testing cycle is shortening:

A complicated compatibility test needs to, in one week, execute tens of thousands of test cases which are constantly changing, and not be able to automated. The testing coverage index is hardly matched by regular processes and measures, instead, it can be reached by testers community integration of the cloud testing center.

Software and IT are pillar industries for Chengdu municipal government, which also drives to develop the cloud computing capacity as a new economic growth source. Chengdu already has the first cloud computing center in China.

Sigma’s Chengdu child company has trained hundreds of testing engineers and set up the largest, most professional testing team in China since its incorporation five years ago. We have been exploring technologies in “cloud testing”, and started to make an earlier deployment in this area. We have invested in several innovative cloud testing services and products and is the first Asian company to provide quality testing services to cloud computing infrastructure company. As the city’s IT industry is gaining strength in cloud computing, we like to aid Chengdu’s cloud testing service wining a leading position in China’s IT industry.