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Cloud Testing

- Overview

The emergence of cloud computing is recognized as the most significant innovation of information technology in late and coming decade, or generation 5 industry progress in succession to IBM large-sized host, personal computer (PC), server-client architecture and Web. It is the most important IT event since the invention of World Wide Web in last century. According to IDC prediction in year 2008, total revenue of the entire cloud computing business will hit 42 billion US dollars by 2012.

Cloud testing is one application of cloud computing. It draws testing capabilities from separate testing engineers, and builds up a cloud-based system testing force by large scale deployment of distributed virtual testing systems at a cloud computing center.

1. Super large concurrent testing capabilities

The virtualization of cloud computing center host and deployment of distributed cloud testing programs can generate tens of thousands of complicated application concurrent streams.

2. Pay as you go, on-demand test

You don’t have to purchase expensive testing instruments, all you have to do is pay for the testing capabilities you rent, by hours and/or capacities. Just like a traditional power plant, consumers pay for the electricity they used.

3. Construction of large scale integration testing community

The cloud testing center can quickly aggregate the testing capabilities of hundreds, even thousands testers at low cost, and distribute tasks to part-time testers, access software as well as manage the test results, all processes under quality control.

4. For a single test software testing capabilities to enlarge

The cloud testing center is like a testing capacity amplifier, magnifying thousand-fold, even tens of thousand-fold a single testing program. The testing capacity of high-end instruments, the “used-to-be” competency monopolized by industrial giants, is now accessible to regular testers by simple programming.