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Mobile Cloud Testing Solutions

The building of a cellphone testing pool, which is remotely accessible, can solve the problem of compatibility by means of time-sharing renting, and migrate the cellphone testing capabilities to “cloud edge”.

The enterprise looking for cellphone compatibility tests can simply rent testing hours from the Cloud Testing Center, and then manipulate a cellphone keypad through WebUI by remote access.

Cloud Testing Solutions

Elastic Cloud Testing Solutions

Dynamic deployment of testing nodes (virtual machines) can help ease traffic outburst at certain hours. The deployed cloud testing software can increase/reduce loads dynamically, and meet the testing requirements at specified time frame.

Testing Solution for Large Scale Concurrent Applications

Deploy Sigma’s full-IP performance testing tool SigmationPT to virtual nodes at the cloud testing center, magnifying the testing capacity hundreds, or tens of hundreds times.

SigmationPT is Sigma’s full-IP SSL VPN device performance test tool designed to challenge the device performance in real-world network environment by simulating users’ acts, such as login/logout, obtaining service list and generating real traffic. This professional SSL VPN performance test platform can simulate concurrent users acts to the largest extent, helping you verify/improve product performance/quality.

Solution for Large Scale User Action Simulation

Build the “cloud testing center” to testers’ virtual community which is an on-demand environment for remote accesses. The management of such virtual community also facilitates the dynamic deployment of large scale user action tests.