Products - SigmationTF-Based Customized Development

SigmationTF - SDK

SigmationTF®, the industry’s first TCP/IP based automation test framework released by Sigma-RT, is powerful in test topology building, test Job/testbed management and reporting. The embedded test libraries cover WiFi automation test, TLS/SSL, MySQL, output content process library, Ixia control library, plug-ins, GUI test support, etc. The Sigma-RT development also provides hundreds of APIs for customers to develop their own test libraries and control libraries that cover the functionalities of device control and PC control. The device control library, designed on the basis of popular device parameters, provides plenty of flexible interfaces that simplify the coding for device control, reliving your developers from repetitive coding and accelerating time to market; the PC control library contains public methods, process control, command control and packet-related tools.

  • WiFi automation test library - contains APIs specially designed for WiFi network test that is conducted through SigmationTF.
  • TLS/SSL Control library - contains TLS/SSL-compliant APIs.
  • Web GUI test support - compatible with 3rd party tools - AutoIT, WinRunner, WinBatch, provides full support to mouse movement, keyboard strokes and other GUI activities that simulate real users’ activities.
  • SNMP network management test library
  • MySQL - provides conventional operation interface (add/delete/update/query) for scripting. Supports SQL string execution in scripts.
  • Output content process library - filters content on specified conditions. The qualified content, which can be reassembled on demand, supports forward/backward retrieval by keywords.
  • Ixia control library - supports Ixia API loading/unloading by referring to the Windows PC control library methods, ixiaload and ixiaunload. The Ixia APIs can be used to control the Ixia box for testing.

Plug-ins - The integrated plug-ins include: capture_packet, FTP server/client, HTTP client, IMAP client, SigmationLS, mail server/client, MySQLD database server, netflow, POP3 client, RADIUS server, sendpacket, SMTP client, SNMP client, SSH server/client, SyslogD log server, Telnet server/client, TFTP server/client, TinyTCP server/client.

We can customize SigmationTF extended functions based on customer PRD. We have successfully customized: base information mgt, statistics report, Resubmit Job, Rerun Job, source code mgt, multi-MC collaboration, product information mgt, project phase mgt, testcase summary table mgt, error type mgt, user privilege mgt, and the function of “project - testcase - job - product” association.