Products - SigmationEDU (Testing Education Framework)

As many colleges and training institutions are aware of the market demand for domestic test talents by software and network companies, they have to face a range of difficulties when looking for professional testing curriculum: legacy textbooks, the inconvenience of homework giving and submitting, truthfulness of experimental exams, the reconnection for changed experimental requirement, and resource insufficiency.

Sigma has proven experiences as the high end test service provider to tens of global leading network device vendors, and well understand the latest technical demand, industrial events and development tendency. The test training framework - SigmationEDU, specially developed by Sigma engineering team based on the industry’s first automation test framework SigmationTF, enables teachers and students to learn leading testing techniques and experiences systematically without going abroad. SigmationEDU’s increasingly growing applications and strong performance start to be widely accepted by network test and automation testing faculties. The solution’s first commercial version will be launched before long.

SigmationEDU supports testing teaching/learning, including testcase design, manual testing and automation testing. Designed for integration test and system test, which require interaction between multiple devices and software, it features automated topology fabrication and reuse, and satisfies hardware/software demand by higher testing education with strong scalability.


SigmationEDU Network topology

Industrial Benefits:
  • Proven experiences in testing products/tools development. The automation testing engineers are skillful in scripting as well;
  • Feedback from commercial customers provided valuable suggestions for continuous improvement;
  • Wide applications cover industries of routing, switching, security, storage and wireless.
How does SigmationEDU help teaching?
  • Supports theoretic teaching, experiments and exams with mainstream automation scripting languages;
  • Built-in curriculum editing system, allowing updating, adding and deletion of curriculum;
  • Built-in remote maintenance port for teachers to edit curriculum and assign experiment homework by remote access. Students can start experiment at dormitory (when given access right);
  • Supports concurrent login/experiment and dynamic topology/address. The multi-task feature support concurrent student experiment. Equipment resources and service hours can be assigned to specified students to make the best of resource utilization;
  • Easy interaction between teacher and students: the teacher assign experiment tasks on SigmationEDU, and students simply fill in test result and upload screen shots on embedded report templates and click to submit result;
  • Easy to learn manual test case execution and automation test script writing. The automation script can be immediately after creation to verify the logic correctness;
  • Technical applications cover routing, switching, security, storage and wireless.

SigmationEDU Automation Test Screen Snap

I’m a testing star!

Sigma built up a “theater” for talented people to play - the SigmationEDU education framework simulates real-world scenarios of software testing, providing a role play of testing engineer from the project start to close-up. In a manual testing session, students log on SigmationEDU client to execute test cases on lab devices, and on an automation session, they write and execute automation scripts on embedded SigmationTF (Sigma’s full-IP automation test framework) and obtain testing experiences in real-world environment.