Products - SigmationPT

As the scale/complexity of remote access grows, and more people are trying to access company network through VPN, are you getting concerned of your SSL VPN product performance?

SigmationPT is Sigma’s full-IP SSL VPN device performance test tool designed to challenge the device performance in real-world network environment by simulating users’ acts, such as login/logout, obtaining service list and generating real traffic. This professional SSL VPN performance test platform can simulate concurrent users acts to the largest extent, helping you verify/improve product performance/quality, and accelerate its time to market.

SigmationPT is designed for VPN network devices with connection and status changes. We can also customize your own SSL VPN performance test tool by the SDK you provided.

Features List:
  • Main indices for SSL VPN testing, incl.: user creation efficiency, number of concurrent users/connections, connection creation efficiency, throughput, latency, as well as optional indices customized for our client;
  • Simulates 20,000+ concurrent users and 50,000+ concurrent connections based on quantity/performance of PCs;
  • Applicable to JDK-based user interfaces, incl. Linux, Windows;
  • Challenges VPN performance under all modes, such as:
    • Client login on a desktop, laptop and other mobile devices;
    • WWeb login (OpenSSL supported);
    • Unencrypted forwarding;
  • Simulates phases of pressure climbing, stable running and pressure declining;
  • Visualized real-time monitoring chart;
  • Visualized test result analysis;
  • Import/export configuration/testing statistics;
  • Customized services;

Screen capture of user creation efficiency.

Note: The chart shows the curve of new user creation rate with Job 383. The rate peaks at 15 users/second, and then slows down. The average rate is 5 users/second.