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- Service Process Automation

As information technologies are widely applied, the business and public affairs processes of an enterprise require more diversified, complicated systems. Any update or malfunction of a software unit (middleware, server, etc.) or physical equipment (PC, data storage, network devices) will affect the integrity of business/public processes, and cause losses to the organization.

The IT architecture of a medium-sized hospital involves 100-200 critical service processes, such as registration, network device configuration, maintenance and upgrade, are likely to cause negative affect on process stability. So the hospital’s IT crew need to verify these processes all over again, and prepare the automation test for critical processes as well as the verification, precaution, location and fixing solutions that ensures a stable running of critical service processes.

Problems with any modern organization with multiple processes, such as hospital, bank and government, should be identified, warned, located and solved as soon as possible, and not conflict with the organization’s normal business hours. However, the IT manager often has to face big challenges - the scaling service platform, growing complexity of IT infrastructure, limited maintenance crew and skills, support for complicated multi-application environment, unpredictable defects, and error-prone manual operations.

Sigma’s service process automation solution is based on industry’s first commercial process automation test, verification, precaution, monitoring, location and fixing framework - SigmationTF, which provides the following support for enterprises’ IT system:

  • End-to-end service process automation
  • Scheduled automated batch verification and result report of critical service/public affairs processes
  • Quick location and troubleshooting of abnormal processes
  • Real time monitoring and precaution of IT hardware/software and network devices (routers, switches, firewall, etc.)

Sigma’s end-to-end service process automation solutions have integrated leading-edge techniques from Silicon Valley, and provided full-range automation control on IT parts and core equipment, including but not limited to the general automation test framework SigmationTF, software (SAP, Oracle, UFIDA, Kingdee, Weblogic, IBM Websphere), hardware (routers, switches, firewall, content filter gateway of Cisco, ZTE, Juniper, Topsec, Fortinet, Digital China), which jointly realize a process automation with blended parts, manufacturers and hardware types. The end-to-end automation can also be applied to service processes based on different OSes, browsers and applications.

Automation framework for service process

Automation framework for service process

Scheduled batch automation verification and result report for critical business/public affairs processes

SigmationTF is a powerful automation execution engine in support of batch verification of business/public affairs processes. It can verify multiple processes with SigmationTF’s concurrent job scheduling feature, shortening the verification cycle. We can customize flexible verification timeframes and strategies for defective process precaution at unattended, effective running. At the end of a verification test running, SigmationTF provides a detailed report of the running statistics for the verified processes.

Business Process Automation
Fast location & troubleshooting

SigmationTF provides a fast location on any defective process, and helps IT crew and operation maintenance staff quickly locate the faulty IT components or hardware equipment with detailed defect diagnosis report.

Real-time monitoring & precaution

SigmationTF can perform periodic backend verification on validity of the IT components/network equipment enterprises use, and submit report, helping customer locate, diagnose and debug the defect at early stage.