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Today, digital communication is quickly moving toward small size, intelligence, high speed and high capacity, and will eventually replace analog communication.

Sigma’s digital communication solutions are designed for enterprise-level infrastructure network testing. Enterprises build basic network platforms and realize the office automation and sharing of network resources within the organization. They have their own IP addresses and domains, able to build the Emailing and internal communication systems, as well as the website for publicizing. Layer 3 switch plays the most critical role in the whole system, and provide support to most functions.

  • This solution helps user obtain repetitive, accurate data from real-time equipment, and ensures an effective, constant service operation.
  • The redundancy design enhances the reliability of network and system, and secures the safety and integrity of the service operation.
  • Integration of data and service systems provide an information approach to employees, which helps improve business efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making.
  • Prioritized processing of critical services for a core enterprise competitiveness
  • Easy network enlargement lowers enterprises’ operation cost
Technical key points and solutions:
Application Requirement Involved Technologies Testing Solution
Department-based information
isolation and security
VLAN, ACL Deploy multiple VLANs to simulate different departments, and configure filtering and routing for inter-VLAN communication. Test the device data filtration and routing for inter-VLAN links.
Access Security of Internal Server AAA, Tacacs/Radius, ACL The solution can protect internal server by simulating several users trying to access it. Frequent logins and logouts require the system under test deny invalid users/traffic correctly, and support concurrent users logins under certain traffic pressures.
Access to external network, inter-access between internal subnets RIP/OSPFv2/ISIS, NAT Test the performance of network router. The number of enterprise routing is limited, while the traffic is huge. In addition, since more than one routing protocols are used in one enterprise, the routing forwarding between such protocols should be tested. Test the source NAT and destination NAT to ensure the internal server visibility from outside, and enable internal users to access Internet.
Network Reliability VRRP Test the affect on users/system when equipment switch. The switching should not terminate services to terminal users, nor lead to major change on system performance.
Prioritized Processing for Critical Service Q.S
Q.S./Bandwidth limitation/ACL
Test if the system can differentiate service traffic by priority. System should limit P2P traffic such as BitTorrent and dDunkey, thus secure the highly privileged VoIP traffic, as well as SMTP and POP3 traffic.
Authentication of User Access 802.1x Test if the system can provide authentication, and process concurrent requests from users.
Network traffic balance and loop prevention STP/RSTP/MSTP Test if the Layer 2 access switch can support STP/RSTP/MSTP, and if the system can conduct a reasonable, effective outbound load balancing when MSTP is applied.
Management of network configuration DHCP Test if the system supports DHCP Server or DHCP Relay.
Video Conference and Video on Demand IGMP snooping, multicast routing, ICMP/DVMRP/PIM-DM/PIM-SM Test the transmission and performance of system multicast. Test system performance as users apply for multicast with IGMP in different versions.

Based on Sigma’s full-IP automation test framework SigmationTF, Sigma provides testing services for digital communication based on Linux/Windows PC, and Unix/Windows servers.

Testable Items of Unix/Windows Servers
  • Automated login on server, and check the server’s running status and resources utilization without disconnecting the service operation.
  • Check the running status of a specified service on the server, such as database service, middleware, service processing program and Clusters.
  • System running efficiency diagnosis. Checking server’s bottleneck, collecting abnormal events, fault diagnosis and restoration, etc.
  • Simulate real service requests with Linux/Windows PCs, and test the true running state of the application(s) provided by server. Also, we provide end-to-end checking on such application(s).
  • System configuration check on server, backup and restoration.
  • Check the network status of the server.
  • Check the server storage availability and use status.
Testable items of NAS/SAN and other storage devices.
  • Automated login on storage equipment, and check the server’s running status and resources utilization without hampering the normal service.
  • Automated testing and diagnostic programs running on storage equipment for diagnosis, testing and restoration.
  • Simulate real storage requests by PC (Linux) or server (Unix/Windows), and test the true status of the storage equipment.
  • Data backup and restoration test
  • Check the connection state of server
Testable items of network devices:
  • Automated login on server, switch and firewall, check the network devices’ running status.
  • Test configuration of all network devices, and can conduct configuration backup/restoration tests as well.
  • Simulate real network users with PCs, and launch multiple end-to-end tests against the network, such as dial-on, private line access, VPN, traffic limitation, QoS and simulation attacks.
  • Check on routers, routing tables, and the switch’s MAC table.

All above tests can be triggered by timing, cycle or conditions.