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The solution blends valid user traffic, malicious traffic and email attached virus by simulating clients, servers, L4-7 protocols and DDoS attacks. Meanwhile, the security test platform with full Sigma IP can launch an overall attacking test ranging from L2 to L7.

SigmaLab is like a comprehensive security attack/defense lab: it supports vulnerabilities scanning, fuzzy test, random test and attack/defense exercises on device security, on the strength of the testing techniques from Silicon Valley. SigmaLab can launch our particular 72-hour system test and stress test on network devices which have been tested elsewhere.

Passing Sigma’s system test is the quality proof of customer quality. The tools and testing techniques, duplicated in SigmaLab facilities, are designed for complicated production environment. With Sigma’s self-contained lab surveillance and security measures, we help customers save great investment on infrastructure.

SigmaLab can provide security verification and surveillance under various network environment, supporting testing and analysis services regarding regular network security problems, such as:

  • Attacks based on application layers of SIP, HTTP/HTTPs, FTP, SMTP/POP3, Telnet.
  • Attacks/network deception (phishing, Mac address spoofing, DNS deception) by network-spread virus, worms, Trojans against local system.
  • OS vulnerability attack
  • Port scan
  • DoS/DDoS
  • Buffer overflow
  • SYN flooding
  • Fragmentation attack
Methodology of SigmaLab security test:
  • Verify if the product can defend known as well as lately emerged network security issues.
  • Verify if the product can withstand known and unidentified malicious attacks against it.
  • Verify if the product can sustain a proper data transmission in a virus flooded environment.
  • Simulation test by huge traffic blended with normal packets + known virus + unidentified virus.
  • Network latency, packet drop and fragmentation test under real attacked environment.
  • Test the transmission performance of blended traffic stream (voice, video, data).
Key Techniques
  • The vulnerability scanning techniques cover L2, 3, 4 of TCP/IP, such as ICMP, TCP, SNMP, CGI, MSRPC packet scanning.
  • Support common protocol attacks.
  • Vulnerability library updated on daily basis
  • Support SQL attack
  • More than 10,000 monitorable security vulnerabilities which keep growing
  • Concurrent sending of multiple attacking packets.
  • Support 802.11x, SSL, IPv6.
  • Support Unix, Windows and Linux OS vulnerability scanning.
  • Real traffic generator
  • Rich set of vulnerability scanning techniques and modes
  • Non-standard port scanning and multi-service scanning
  • SigmaLab security tests are designed for: hardware firewall, content filter, host firewall software, IDS/IPS products, IPSec VPN products and application servers, such as Web servers and database servers.
Firewall Products

A typical firewall system testing topology